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sebvray May 26, 2016 05:57 PM
Hi there,
We're looking forward to use the Airbase database. The first time we worked on it was with the .csv format, which is not an easy to use format. This time, we would like to do differently. Do you have a "sql dump" ? Or any API ?

Thanks a lot for you answer.

Sébastien VRAY
French NGO on air quality
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EEA May 31, 2016 11:45 AM
As previous years the air quality data will be available in csv format and we are currently in the last QA/AC before publishing the files for download. This year you can also use the Air Data Explorer (http://aide.apps.eea.europa.eu) which gives access to aggregated data and statistics. AIDE also provide an interface for download of data.

We do not offer a SQL dump, but if you have an interest in up-to-date data we do have a download service where un-validated raw data can be downloaded as we receive it on hourly basis. The download service do not give access to aggregated data and statistics.
To use this download service you would need to setup a mechanism on your side to extract the data of your interest. This service is available on the link below (you need to request a token before you can use it):