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geobernadotte Feb 27, 2014 01:07 AM
Can please anybody tell me a sensible reason, why the EU DGM is provided in chunks of over 5 Gigabyte each? I do not think that it would be too much work to divide the DGM-data into smaller pieces which would be 1. faster to download (with my connection estimated 1:30 hours) 2. remain digestible by normal computer hardware (luckily I bought a brand new machine, but others aren't that lucky/wealthy).
I think only few people need the complete data for the areas covered in these huge files. Actually the region I'm interested in is split in two files, so this means 10 gigabytes of data, from which I will maybe use 100 mb or less.
Furthermore I would like to state, that the presentation of the download section ( http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/eu-dem ) is not really helpful for finding out which zip to download. I have the impression that as little helpful informations were provided as possible.
Luckily, I found this link ( http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/[…]/eu_dem_laea ) which at least uses a map to indicate which download could be the right one. But actually this map isn't even linked in the download section.

There are still people living in Europe with a slow internet connection and normal computer hardware. You could really help them by providing smaller downloads or even offer them as torrents to distribute the data much more effictiently.
Also from the ecological viewpoint this would make sense, cause the current approach is a tremendous waste of energy (server load, computer online time).
A more user-friendly page design (a little more information?) would be much appreciated as well.

Though I think my wise words will end up unheard anyway, I can tell my grandchildren later that at least I tried ...
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EEA Mar 07, 2014 03:27 PM
Dear geobernadotte,
EU-DEM is in first instance a European product, meant to provide a homogeneous coverage all over the EEA 39 member and cooperating countries. EEA is aware that there’s a broad range of potential users of the EU-DEM data, ranging from local to continental scale. And so there were of course conflicting demands. The choice of tiling has been a compromise that tries to cover this range of users and usage: users requiring the full coverage will ask for a minimum number of files, whereas local users may indeed prefer small tiles.

Said that, this is a first release of the data set, which will be further improved over the coming months, including map based reference to the corresponding tiles to download, as well as complementary technical documentation. File-naming will as well be scrutinised and improved to facilitate the user.

The GIO land team at EEA suceeded to make for the first time:
a) a full European coverage of
b) harmonised DEM data available to the user
c) according to the Copernicus data and information policy, i.e. full, open and free access

Unfortunately we cannot fulfil all users’ needs and wishes but we hope everyone will enjoy the benefits from this “first of a kind” achievement.

Please be advised that your words are being heard.