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chefaniandy Jan 10, 2014 01:06 AM
Please help us to save the forests of Romania from the local mafia.Please let me know to which European institutions should I forward my plea.Please find attached just a small fact about what is happening just now in the mountains of my home county.
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EEA Jan 10, 2014 03:32 PM
Dear Alex,

Thanks for your message. You should contact the local or national authorities with this issue. The EEA has no mandate for providing assistance for legal complaints and no powers of investigation related to your concern. The European Commission is responsible for ensuring that Community law is correctly applied. However, to be admissible, a complaint has to relate to an infringement of Community law by a Member State. You can contact the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/contact/contact_en.htm
Vasilisc Oct 30, 2015 10:50 AM
Make a campaign to collect funds like we do in Cyprus to set up a warning system. https://www.indiegogo.com/[…]/11441439