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playthoseblues Jul 05, 2012 06:10 PM
Rising River Temperatures: Would anyone have any information on the increase of river temperatures in either the UK or in Europe as a whole. Thank you for your time and help
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EEA Jul 19, 2012 10:10 AM
Dear playthoseblues,
Thanks for your enquiry on river temperature.

EEA does not have a database on river water temperature. However, we have one climate impact indicator on trend in river and lake temperature, it is available here[…]sessment-published-sep-2008
We are currently updating this indicator – and we plan to publish the indicator in October 2012.

Our topic centre on Water produced a few years ago a report on Climate change impacts on water quality and biodiversity; see[…]ity_29_Nov_2010_final_2.pdf
This report contains some additional European studies on trend in river water temperature. I also attach more detailed background document including several references on trend in temperature.

There are at national web-sites several indicators in trend in water temperature see for example from the Netherlands http://www.compendiumvoorde[…]ppervlaktewater.html?i=9-55 and from Switzerland[…]/index.html?lang=en

I hope the above references are of help.