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scmpertini Oct 11, 2018 06:01 PM
is there an european mechanism to denounce a construction involving european funds that harm the environment?
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EEA Oct 15, 2018 08:41 AM
Thank you for contacting the European Environmental Agency (EEA).

The EEA is an EU Agency responsible for providing information on the environment in Europe, with the aim of ensuring that decision-makers and the public are kept informed about the state and trends of the environment.

European environmental legislation is beyond EEA's working remit. The Agency neither sets nor enforces environmental policies and has no mandate for providing legal or technical assistance for complaints relating to environmental legislation, and no powers of investigation.

However, as the responsible institution established under the Treaty of the European Community, the European Commission ensures that European Community Law is correctly applied. Anyone may lodge a complaint with the European Commission against a European Member State about any measure, which is considered to be incompatible with Community Law. However, to be admissible, a complaint has to relate to an infringement of Community Law by a Member State. You may wish to have a look at http://ec.europa.eu/environment/legal/law/complaints.htm for more information.

You may also wish to directly contact the Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission at https://ec.europa.eu/[…]/environment_en#contact or register a complaint at http://ec.europa.eu/[…]/complaints_en.htm.

We hope this information may be useful to you.