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Sofia Mar 30, 2018 10:42 AM
How is possible the river tejo in Portugal being so polute with massive celulose, constantly, and there is no actions taken against the that industry, only had a reprimand letter from the court for what they did. I am a simple citizen but i am outrage with the manipulation that is going on. Should EEA fiscalized what is going on and make law be applied? This needs to stop. The portuguese people need Europe to intervine in what is going on with our rivers. As common citizen i can't do anything but you can. Also for us who go and do sport fishing, there is no fish anymore in the river and is danger to our health even to the people that goes to the beach. Do something, please! Thank you!
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EEA Apr 04, 2018 01:13 PM

Thank you for contacting the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the EEA Enquiry Forum.

The EEA produces reports on the state and trends of the environment in Europe in its attempt to improve the environment and move towards sustainability in Europe.

Please be aware that European environmental legislation is beyond the EEA’s working remit. The EEA neither sets nor enforces environmental policies and has no mandate for providing legal or technical assistance for complaints relating to environmental legislation, and no powers of investigation related to the issue you raise in your email. Unfortunately, therefore, we are not able to help you.

Under the Treaty establishing the European Community, the European Commission is responsible for ensuring that European Community law is correctly applied. Anyone may lodge a complaint with the European Commission against a European Member State about any measure, which is considered to be incompatible with Community law. However, to be admissible, a complaint has to relate to an infringement of Community law by a Member State.

Regarding your specific complaint, we would suggest in the first instance to contact your local, regional and/or national authorities.
You may also contact the Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission directly (http://ec.europa.eu/environment/contact/form_en.htm), or register a complaint at http://ec.europa.eu/[…]/complaints_en.htm).
See also http://ec.europa.eu/environment/legal/law/complaints.htm
Kind regards,