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SNawaid Sep 24, 2013 12:11 PM
Hi, I am not a formal student of Environmental sciences, but am a supporter of environment friendly initiatives taken and products which companies are making worldwide. I am also a member of an online store which deals in amazing Herbal and Natural environment friendly products. I want to ask if I can share (not as a spammer) the information links of these products on this forum so that members of this esteemed forum "EEA" get to know about them; as well as they can further research on them so that they can advise people to use them in order to practically participate in saving the environment. This will also benefit me financially; I hope it is not against the policy of the forum. This online store donates a portion of its every sale to the international charity CARE. I repeat I am only interested to do this with absolute permission from this esteemed forum and will strictly comply with social ethics. I can also manage only permitted number of post per week so that my activity does not adversely effect the main theme and purpose of this forum.
I will be grateful for a favorable response and guidance that how can I manage the requested activity on this forum.
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kobosil Feb 27, 2014 10:39 AM
Dear SNawaid,
Unfortunately I have to inform you that this Forum is not for advertising puposes. Hence, the EEA does not offer any type of marketing support or partnerships with private companies.

But the EEA has prepared EnviroWindows (EW), which is the information "marketplace" for businesses, local authorities and their stakeholders. It facilitates consumer access to company's information on products, best practices, use of natural resources and corporate environmental performance. EnviroWindows is based on two main services: Interest Groups and Information Portals. The EW website can be accessed at:

Lastly, I believe the Kompass-website may be of interest of you. The Kompass System is a market place for businesses, where sellers worldwide can present their products and services. This website is located at:

Hopefully, this information may be useful to you.