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kchandler Sep 16, 2013 09:35 AM
Hi, I am a PhD student investigating how trees influence infiltration of water into the soil and I am seeking some background material for my thesis. In the UK various strategy documents published by the devolved governments recommend the use of woodland, including riparian tree buffer zones, to protect water quality in streams and help meet Water Framework Directive requirements by reducing or intercepting diffuse pollution. Have any other countries in the EU set out any strategies/policies/regulations/guidelines for using trees to protect water quality and/or reduce flooding?
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EEA Sep 23, 2013 01:30 PM
Dear kchandler,
we do not have the requested information at EEA. But our expert on forest issues suggested that you take a look at the following websites:

The European Commission's website for the Natural water retention measures at[…]/ecosystemstorage.htm

Case studies
Drava and Mura Rivers -
Morava River floodplain forest -
Floodplain forests in Estonia -
Floodplain forests in Estonia, typological diversity and growth conditions -
Floodplain forest in the District of Leipzig -[…]/S0378112709001583
Diversity and ecological differentiation of Oak forests in NW Thrace/Turkey -[…]/0354-46641003705K.pdf
Evaluation of wetlands and floodplain areas in Danube -
Danube floodplain forests -[…]/885_ForestryPerspectives_final.pdf
Atlantic coastal forests in northern Spain -[…]/S0301479709003880
Riparian vegetation in agricultural landscapes of a Mediterranean area -[…]/S0167880902002189
Lowland floodplain forests in south-eastern Europe -
Flooding regimes in the conservation of floodplain forests -
The Rhone River Basin -[…]/d912f5114bc2ddd535.pdf
The Tagliamento River/Italy -[…]/tagliamentoaquaticsciences.pdf

European Assessment
Insight into Europe’s Forest Protection -
Is Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) Native to Central European Flood Plains?[…]e3abc1cab674d4&ext=.pdf
River corridor plants (Stromtalpflanzen) in Central European lowland -[…]/pdf
The Green Belt of Europe -
Virgin forests and forest reserves in Central and East European countries -[…]rest_reserves__Cost_E4_.pdf

Hope that helps.