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CThompson Jun 04, 2013 04:08 PM
I am trying to download data on water use and water quality for Europe as part of a research project examining crop yield along side ecosystem services. I have downloaded useful global water coverages from the FAO but can't seem to find how to download such data from this website, or if indeed it is possible. When I open the specific web page for a data set I have tried the link which leads to the original file application but cannot open the eps file, even with adobe reader which was the suggested tool.
I am interested in a number of different coverages and so would be massively grateful for any help or assistance you could offer.

Interesting datasets:
Observed drought episodes in Europe,
Mapping of drought conditions in Europe,
Occurrence of drought and water scarcity,
Trends in monthly stream flows,
Chemical status of rivers and lakes,
Total nitrogen application to agricultural soils and river nitrate concentrations,
Water exploitation index,
Potential increase in crop production under the adaptive scenario,
Water limitation of crop primary production under rain-fed conditions,
Annual diffuse agricultural emissions of nitrogen to fresh water,
Annual average national ground water nitrate,
Water stress,
Average annual runoff,
Current water availability and changes expected by 2030,
Nitrate and phosphorous in rivers,

Many thanks,
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EEA Jun 05, 2013 01:12 PM
Dear CThompson

Can you specify the webpage you tried to download the data from? Our experts will then check the reason why you cannot access the data you are interested in.