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Martin Mar 08, 2018 08:08 AM

I am currently in the review process of a research paper for a scientific journal.
For the research paper we used Water Quality Data from the EEA Waterbase you provide.
During the review process the question came up which quality controls the EEA undertakes or whether the EEA only records national data.

We are looking forward to your answer.
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EEA Mar 19, 2018 04:50 PM
The data in EEA Waterbases are based on EEA member countries reporting to EEA. The reporting has been described in different document over the years, see for example, this document https://forum.eionet.europa[…]mission-20151123-clean_nrcs

Each dataflow is established as a reporting obligation and has a set of documentations see EWN Lake http://rod.eionet.europa.eu/obligations/29 and EWN Rivers quality http://rod.eionet.europa.eu/obligations/28 (these procedures are describing the Waterbase collection up to 2014).
The current WISE04 water quality collection is described here http://cdr.eionet.europa.eu/help/WISE_SoE/wise4 - here is also described the automatic quality controls.

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