Dear EEA Team,<br /><br />Let me wish you a happy new year, full of progress for the environment!<br /><br />I was really interested in your 2018 report titled &quot;Current water status, progress achieved and futur challenges&quot; as it allows some benchmark with what is going on in the EU as a whole. Unfortunately there seem to be a mistake in the ordinate scale of figure 6.6, both for the legend (mg P/l instead of mg NO3/l) and probably the numbers as well. The correct figure can be found here : <a href="" rel="nofollow">[&hellip;]ter-assessment-published-6.</a> Unfortunately it has not been updated and data go no further than 2012.<br /><br />Could you possibly edit a new pdf version of the report with the right figure? Or update the web figure?<br /><br />Thanks a lot for your help. Best regards.<br /><br />Christophe<br />Seine-Normandie Water Agency (FR)
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