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anicol Topic : map of the Bath water quality
I have discovered your site, through the Natura2000 project. Thank you for your remarkable work. The Data and maps you give are serious and recent (it is so difficult to obtain recent data at the local or national scale, so I didn't expect to find a so rigourous work at european scale !).
1) the natural sites with poor water quality.
the legend gives several colors : from dark blue for good quality, then blue, green, red, to grey for not evaluated. Is it possible to zoom directly on the sites with bad level of bathing water quality ? For example, the map indicates that in 2019, in France, there is 54 sites for the red color (54 sites with poor quality) : what are these 54 sites ?
2) bathing water : in the see or ocean / in a lake or a river
Is it possible to know what are the pollutants on each specific "bathing sites" ? As the sites with a poor quality (or insufficient quality or forbidden sites) are rare, is it possible to get the information about the reasons of the bad quotation (or interdiction). The countries without any maritim coast (Hungary for example), or with many coasts (Netherland) do not have the same polluting risks.
3) honesty of the countries
The example of Tchernobyl stay in our memory : a country wich detects a big pollution would be attempted to cover up the bad results. Who makes the measurements : an independant european agency with local employees ? a national agency ? After Techrnobyl (the russian site), the information was "there is a big problem in Russia, but the european countries are not concerned by this pollution, because the clouds didn't cross the borders".
Another example : if a country like Italy or Greece is very touristic, the announcement of bad results concerning the bath water would be deplorable and would explain the reasons to truncate some bad results.

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Feb 14, 2020 02:44 PM

paulhoepner Dear EEA Team.

together with the Organization Getidos we are currently developing an App to show bathing spots and their water quality to users, in order to raise awareness of water quality issues. I have seen, that the EEA offers a large data set with exactly the data we would need.


My Question is, if there is any way to access this data using an API (i. e. REST). In order to include it into our app, we would need to be able load the data depending on parameters like location, water quality, water type (river, coastal ... )

I have seen, that the data is already used in a map visualization, but i am not sure if this map is using an API to get the data, or if the data was integrated manually. Maybe someone has further information on this?

Also, it would be fine if we would be able to download the data in a Format like JSON.

It would be great, if you can help with my question, or if you could point me to someone, who can.

Thank you very much for your support and help,

Paul Hoepner

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Dec 28, 2018 04:19 PM