We preserve our planet for future generations<br />We preserve our planet for future generations!<br />We are trying to create an international fund for nature conservation.<br /><br />It does not matter where there is a struggle for the environment in America, Canada, Germany or Russia.<br /><br />All this is our land!<br />Today, the volumes of hazardous waste processing in Russia are quite small as a percentage of the volume of raw materials compared to European countries. What negatively affects the whole planet Earth!<br /><br />For example in European countries, the level of processing reaches an average of 90% annually generated / used tires. In Russia today, the volume of discarded worn tires is about 900 thousand tons per year. The volume of recycling of old tires does not exceed 20% of the total annual tire waste. Up to 20% of used tires are burned. The remaining tires are disposed of in landfills or buried. According to experts, by 2020 the volume produced annually by Russian tire wastes may reach as early as 1 million tonnes per year.<br /><br />In recent years, the volume of used tires grew by 4%, which is associated with an increase in the number of cars in Russia.<br /><br />Governments hide, but it affects the ecology of our entire land!<br />FOUNDATION GOALS UNTIL 2025 OF THE YEAR CREATING:<br />200+<br />Garbage recycling plants<br />200+<br />Used tire recycling plants<br />200+<br />Used car recycling plants<br />&nbsp;With your help! We will make an invaluable contribution.<br /><br />In preserving our land for posterity!<br /><a href="https://fundrazr.com/Recycling?ref=ab_c8YJb4" rel="nofollow">https://fundrazr.com/Recycling?ref=ab_c8YJb4</a><br />The collected funds will be used to create a fund (legal entity), opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses, office acquisition.
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