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jperez Apr 22, 2014 12:45 PM
My name is Jesús Pérez Santafé, inventor of a mechanical system, -totally ecological-, recently patented (- european patent reference EP2143495 B1 since 2012 ) which is able to reduce to one-fifth the volume of our waste , allowing first reducing the high costs of transportation of the waste from our homes to the appropriate treatment and recycling plants.
(-For easy understanding of this shredder system, there is a video broadcast of the patent .. that I've uploaded to Youtube last week, in order that people may know free the existence of this new ecological system to reduce the volume of our waste ..The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFufnK_P34s )
The interesting thing about this system is that , thanks to the home version of that container – crusher, the latter will facilitate separate collection from the very beginning of creation of our waste , ie : from our own home, by proposing a blade system, different for each of the seven types of waste which our waste should be classified
This would in turn reduce the costs of public services collecting garbage from more than 83,000 councils that exist in Europe in four-fifths of the cost, while they in turn would get reduced to one fifth of the costs energy waste removal of over 500 million people living in Europe, with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, while it could create many jobs in the current times of crisis .. .
The reason I am writing this forum is to know if anyone knows any company that could be interested in making this new crushing system for reducing the volume of waste, both version of home tritutator as for version of grinding-container for the street.. ( For more information: http://www.ecotriturator.com )
In this web page I have collected a social project "Ecotriturador" in which I propose a much more selective system of waste collection (-distinguishing seven different residues) in order to facilitate greater recycling our household waste , raising this project the possibility to create jobs "waste pickers" by different homes, their job easier, by reducing the volume of waste in each dwelling through this new crushing system monomaterial waste.

If anyone is interested in this issue .. or know someone who might be interested in the making, in order to do some pilot experince .. you can send me an e-mail to jesusperezsantafes@hotmail.es
I trust that this issue has been medioabiental relevant to this forum, thank you for your attention.
 In Zaragoza (Spain) on April 22, 2014 .
Signed : Jesús Pérez Santafé
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