I read with great interest your report &quot;03 2011 Waste opportunities.pdf&quot; of 29 August 2011 on a life-cycle approach to waste management for truly meaningful results on greenhouse gas emissions.<br /><br />Do you have any views / recommendations on how this can be taken a step further, to the point where waste is processed in a 100% non-polluting manner to produce electricity and / or fuel oils? Such an approach will not only prevent landfills from growing but may also reduce existing landfills. It will also make the energy available in the local area where the waste is generated in an easily accessible form (electricity), i.e. not in the form of heat that needs to be piped.<br /><br />I represent a company that for every 50 tons of waste processed per day can generate 2 - 3 MWh electricity from mixed waste. Solids and air emissions are about 1/10th of the strict California standards. There is no need for sorting (other than for glass and metal), which in and by itself also cost money - both to make sure the sorting is done properly and for the transport of sorted material. Payback time of the full investment is only a few years, with cheap and stable electricity being generated from day one.<br /><br />Any views on how such a solution be brought to the attention of local and central politicians, companies, municipalities such that a life-cycle approach to waste management can be implemented?
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