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CarlesBertomeu Aug 24, 2020 01:20 PM
What is the methodology to quantify the tons of CO2 emitted by an electric locomotive?
I have been able to locate the calculation methodology for diesel locomotives and their emission factors. However, not for electrics.
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EEA Aug 26, 2020 02:53 PM
Dear M. Carles Bertomeu,

Thank you for contacting the European Environment Agency (EEA).

There is a Guidebook chapter on Railway emissions within the EMEP/EEA guidebook, which could be of interest for you. Please see:[…]/view . Nevertheless, as clearly stated in the overview of the chapter:

''This chapter covers emissions from rail transport, one of the mobile sources, and concerns the movement of goods or people by rail. Railway locomotives generally are one of three types: diesel, electric or, less frequently, steam. […]

Electric locomotives are powered by electricity generated at stationary power plants as well as other sources. This chapter does not cover these indirect emissions for locomotives; these are accounted for in chapter 1.A.1 Energy industries, i.e. are covered under stationary combustion.'' ([…]/view )

We do hope that you may find some relevant information within this guidebook.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service

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