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jsoons Feb 15, 2013 10:54 AM
Dear Sirs, could you please inform me about the definitions of the abbreviations used in the CO2_passenger_cars_v4-database: (ID, MP, MS, Mg, MAN, MMS, TAN, T, Va, Ve, Mk, Cn, Ct, r, …. IT, Er). Kind regards, J. Soons
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EEA Feb 15, 2013 01:25 PM
Dear jsoons,
Usually there is a show table definition in the webpage where the database is published called “[x] Show table definition”. All the information can be found there. Unfortunately it seems as if the table does not expand in certain browsers. Therefore please find the definitions listed below.

MS = Member state
MP = Manufacturer pooling
MH = Manufacturer harmonised
Man = Manufacturer name OEM declaration
MMS = Manufacturer name as in MS registry
T = Type
Va = Variant
Ve = Version
Mk = Make
Cn = Commercial name
Ct = Category of the vehicle type approved
R = Total new registrations
M (kg) = Mass
E (g/km) = Specific CO2 Emissions
W (mm) = Wheel Base
At1 (mm) = Axle width steering axle
At2 (mm) = Axle width other axle
Ft = Fuel type
Fm = Fuel mode
Ec (cm3) = Engine capacity
Z (Wh/km) = Electric energy consumption
IT = Innovative technology or group of innovative technologies
Er (g/km) = Emissions reduction through innovative technologies
TAN = Type approval number
Ep (KW) = Engine power

Hope that helps.