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Virginielb Jul 01, 2018 08:56 AM
Dear All,

I am currently working on my final thesis, my subject is :

Can renewable energies totally replace fossil fuels in the transport sector ?
I made a focus on Western Europe.

after lots of researches and analyzing, for me the answer is no, at least not in this century.

I would like to have some of your opinion to add in my paper ?

in advance, thanks a lot

Virginie LB
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EEA Jul 03, 2018 09:40 AM
The EEA produces reports on the state and trends of the environment in Europe in its attempt to improve the environment and move towards sustainability in Europe. Our main report is the SOER (State and Outlook of the Environment in Europe Report), which we publish every five years. You can find the latest version at this link: https://www.eea.europa.eu/soer.
Moreover, all EEA publications are available electronically on the EEA website free of charge, see https://www.eea.europa.eu/p[…]en&c11=5&b_start=0, included those on the use of renewables in the transport sector (see for example: https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/use-of-cleaner-and-alternative-13).

I hope this information will be useful to you. Good luck.
Best regards