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ConnieSparrer Mar 23, 2015 06:11 PM
I have been told an EU directive on recycling requires all shops to breakdown cardboard boxes and discard them. They can no longer be reused by customers for carrying shopping or present packing. Whilst this is to be applauded, it has had a serious side effect, namely, my rabbits and guinea pigs have lost their homes!

I use empty wine or spirit boxes as homes for the rabbits and guinea pigs who get great pleasure from destroying them(!) and as toys they throw around as well as somewhere to hide. The boxes always end up being eaten so are recycled albeit not mulched down and made into new boxes. Their wine/spirit box homes are actually more hygenic for them because they don't last very long.

My 17 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs would very much appreciate it if they could have a letter or other document that could be presented to my local supermarket that would allow them 6-8 empty wine/spirit boxes a month please.

This might sound facetious and a nonsense but I am very serious. The rabbits and guineas pigs love their boxes and I don't drink.
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EEA Mar 24, 2015 10:25 AM
Dear ConnieSparrer,
Unfortunately we can not help you with your request for a document regarding the EU legislation on recycling. The EEA produces reports on the state and trends of the environment in Europe in its attempt to improve the environment and move towards sustainability in Europe. European environmental legislation is beyond the Agency’s working remit. The EEA neither sets nor enforces environmental policies.
It is the EU Commission, which has the responsibility of making new legislative proposals. These proposals are then adopted by the Council and the Parliament, and implemented in the Member States by the national authorities. The role of the EEA is simply to supply all parties concerned with relevant environmental information.

The “Summaries of EU legislation” website presents the main aspects of EU legislation in a concise, easy-to-read and unbiased way. You can find the section on environmental legislation at: http://europa.eu/[…]/index_en.htm
The Directorate General for the Environment (DG Environment) is the branch of the Commission responsible for European environmental policy and legislation. The homepage of the DG Environment is located at:

If the above mentioned websites do not provide you with sufficient information, you may also contact the DG Environment directly. Relevant contact details can be viewed at:

Since the individual countries are responsible for implementing EU policies, you may find it useful to contact the responsible national authorities in the countries of your interest. For practical examples on how EU legislation is implemented into national law, I suggest that you contact the national authorities in the countries of your interest. Relevant contact links to European national authorities can be obtained at:

Hopefully, this information will be useful to you.
ConnieSparrer Mar 27, 2015 02:16 PM
Thank you for your reply. It's very useful :)