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tshuki Jun 20, 2016 01:55 PM
Hello, dear people of EEA,
I am an PhD engineering student from one of EU member states and I'm developing a technology to help national parks operate more efficiently and to lower carbon emissions (ex. fuel spent in search and rescue missions). To evaluate if the new technology is feasible and could be potentially useful in European Union National parks, I'm looking for information on:

1) Search and rescue missions in EU National parks (ex.how many have there been, main reasons why they were needed, what devices were used to conduct them etc.)
2) How much money was spent on search and rescue missions (ex. human hours, overall costs of saving and finding a lost/hurt person etc.)
3) Who is paying for search and rescue missions in EU?

If I have asked the wrong agency, I would be very grateful to be pointed to one that could help me with these topics of interest.

Thank you!
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EEA Jun 23, 2016 08:35 AM
The EEA unfortunately cannot provide any of this information and we would suggest that you contact the parks directly.