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shrinker Sep 04, 2018 11:03 PM
End user pill boxes often come inflated, obviously serving marketing purposes, but wasting resources for production, storage, delivery. Please team up with the European Medicines Agency, which I have also contacted, to end this. Examples are Wellbutrin, Tivicay, Descovy (these are the brand names in Austria): The safe storage of the medicine would only need a fraction of the dimensions of the Containers (also the thickness of the plastic containers is too high). Thanks for consideration.
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EEA Sep 07, 2018 03:02 PM
thank you for your accurate insights and for your suggestion. Please note however that European environmental legislation is beyond the EEA’s working remit. The EEA neither sets nor enforces environmental policies and has no mandate for providing legal or technical assistance for complaints relating to environmental legislation, and no powers of investigation related to the issue you raise in your enquiry. Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot team up with any other agency to change the current situation.
You may wish to contact the European Commission which, by the Treaty establishing the European Community, contributes to the process of European law-making. Here is the link to the webpage of the Directorate-General for the Environment (DG-ENV): http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/environment/index_en.htm.

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