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wilmwilmsen Jun 15, 2015 02:08 PM
We would like to include an indicator about the number of marine measurement stations relative to coastline (i.e. to indicate the scientific capacity to measure oceanic development). I have downloaded “Waterbase - Transitional, coastal and marine waters” which includes information about stations-EIONET, Stations Flux, Stations Conventions. Are those different stations or just different information about the same stations? So my question is, which File/Information should we use for counting the number of stations?
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EEA Jun 17, 2015 03:31 PM
You should use both the stations-Eionet and stations-Conventions.
The problem for station-Conventions is that they also include “sampling events”, which means sites where samples have been taken maybe just one year, since they were part of research projects e.g. So by the moment we don’t have a fixed list of stations, although we are particularly working on that. We hope to have one single list of fixed stations by the end of this year.
In any case, for the stations-Conventions, you can also use the Stations-Dictionary from ICES, which includes a fixed list of stations for the collaborating countries, that actually are sending them the data through the Conventions: http://www.ices.dk/[…]/Station-dictionary.aspx
So my recommendation for the time being: use the Stations-dictionary from ICES, and complete it for the rest of the Eionet countries with our Stations-Eionet.