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haferkem Feb 16, 2018 03:18 PM
Hello, I'm writing my masterthesis at the TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, about environmental noise and the environmental noise directive. Are there any Information about how many Cities in Germany or whole Europe have made use of the instrument of the "Quiet Areas" and how the size of these areas is?
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EEA Feb 19, 2018 11:06 AM

Thanks for your enquiry.
We will get back to you a bit later this week .

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EEA Feb 19, 2018 04:20 PM
I would suggest you to look at the Quiet Areas report: https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/quiet-areas-in-europe.

The EEA doesn't have specific information on the number of quiet areas in Europe’s cities – this isn’t part of the information that countries must report to EEA under the Environmental Noise Directive.

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