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Marco1991 Nov 01, 2016 11:04 AM
Thanks for your help! :)


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EEA Nov 08, 2016 10:06 AM
Hi Marco,

Referring to your enquiry please find our answers below:

'Hello Team-EEA,
in the cdda v_12 (nationaly designated areas) we can find the IUCN Categories for the areas. There are also Categories like UA, NA and "No Value".
What does UA and NA stand for?
What should i know about areas with no values in this categories?

The cdda v_13 is still not working properly. We tried at university as well, downloaded spatial and shape files but we all get errors if we try matching points in polygones. Exporting attributes in an excelfile gives an error as well (Excel tells us, the produced file is damaged).

Thanks for your help! :)


We didnt find any anomaly in the datasets with arcmap, qgis, fme and org2ogr.

Please see the explanation of the codes UA and NA in the CDDA.

IUCN management categories

No values (=NULL) appear if countries have not provided any information at all. This is not according to the specifications but it happens.

If you still have the problem with CDDAv13, you need to describe more in detail which software you use, what exactly you are doing (which fields in which tables) and a screen shot would also be useful to understand the issue.