Hi, <br /><br />I have a quick question: My grandmother lives in a small village in Portugal, called Fornos, Santa Maria da Feira. In this village, there is a music school since many years. My grandmother lives in a house close by the school, with some property which she uses for growing plants, fruit, corn, etc. Now the village chamber however has decided, that this small village needs a new street to connect the music school - which is completely unnecessary, as there is already a street to this music school. This new street would be a complete waste and environmental pollution. Also it would destroy a vey old natural habit for many animals, and a bit of nature. It really it not necessary. So my grandmother has an attorney, but he suggests to accept the offer just to avoid stress. He apparently does not understand, that it is more than just the financial aspects but also an impact in nature. <br />I desperately search for some suggestions or help for fighting this. I know, my grandmother needs another lawyer, but maybe someone has another idea which could help this case. <br /><br />Thank you so much,<br />Sarah
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