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leolis Mar 04, 2016 12:54 AM
Hello, I'm trying to visualize the urban land use of Paris, available on the atlas, but the "Urban Morphological Zones 2006" layer overlaps, impairing the view. Indeed, it is a problem for all cities that have this layer. Could you create functionalities to turn on and off layers, solving the problem? Thanks!
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EEA Mar 07, 2016 10:20 AM
We are in the process of preparing a website with the information and functionalities you are requesting, planned to be finished in October.
Perhaps you already know of these websites:
- Delineation of cities (Core city-Large Urban Zone) Spatial dimension of European cities:
- Visualisation Urban atlas (without UMZ): http://land.copernicus.eu/[…]/view
- Download data of Urban atlas (without UMZ): http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/urban-atlas
- Download data of UMZ: http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/urban-atlas
- The Climate-Adapt website also has useful information: http://climate-adapt.eea.europa.eu/
Hopefully this is useful. Kind regards.