Dear the EEA forum,<br /><br />I am using CLC 2006 data (Corine Land Cover) in ArcGIS for my undergraduate dissertation.<br /><br />I have managed to successfully download the 100m resolution CLC data in TIFF format and open it in Arc. However, when I open the attribute table for this data, there is no indication of what OBJECTID represents what type of land-use.<br /><br />The only visible columns in the attribute table are OBJECTID, Value and Count (i.e. no verbal description of what each type of land-use is). Thus, I cannot determine what types of land-use are more vulnerable to flood events (a key part of my research).<br /><br />Is there anyone that can assist me on this topic, or knows how to solve this problem?<br /><br />Many thanks,<br /><br />theritage<br /><br />
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