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env_ld19 Sep 18, 2019 04:04 PM
Dear EEA team,
I am looking for shape or raster files of the EUNIS classification system. I was looking for them some months ago and remember to see them on the webpage of the EEA. But now I cannot find them anymore.
Could you give me a hint?

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EEA Sep 19, 2019 08:31 AM
Dear M. 'Env_Ld19',

Thank you for contacting the European Environment Agency (EEA).
You may access EUNIS habitat classification at the following links:


Please have a look at the available files and don't hesitate to get back to us if you would need anything else. We will be happy to investigate further.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service
env_ld19 Sep 24, 2019 05:34 PM
Dear EEA Service Team,
thanks, that was what I was looking for. Further, I am curious if these type of raster layers also exist for lower classification levels (level 3 and 4 specifically).
Best wishes!
EEA Oct 04, 2019 07:32 AM
Dear Sir,

Your enquiry was forwarded to our experts. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service
EEA Oct 08, 2019 01:40 PM
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your patience.

The EUNIS habitat classification is available at[…]/eunis-habitat-classification in the excel files from level 1 to level 8. In the EUNIS web application it is possible to view each habitat class online from the hierarchy page: . You may open the lower levels by clicking the small plus sign next (left) to the habitat names.

For example lower levels of G1 Broadleaved deciduous woodland:
Level 3:
Level 4:

We do hope that this may be useful for you.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service