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peterdemetriadi Aug 29, 2013 03:21 PM
I am extremely concerned about your report "EU bioenergy from a resource efficiency perspective". It seems to encourage use of what you call "agricultural residue" to burn as energy. This must be written by someone who is not involved in agriculture or country life. I would also question whether one form of pyrolysis (burning straw) is any less carbon intensive than burning, say, gas. Let me tell you why burning straw would be terrible for country people. Here in Suffolk many of us use straw as bedding for horses in stables and pigs in fields and in sties. Such horse and pig owners are commonly small enterprises or private people with limited resources. The idea that large incinerators would come and buy up all the wheat straw would put a lot of pig farmers out of business and knock a lot of equestrian activities on the head. It would lead to a heavy loss of employment in the countryside. My own horse manure (straw with droppings) is collected, chopped up, pasteurised and used for growing mushrooms. When the mushroom compost is exhausted, it is bagged and sold in garden nurseries as high quality horticultural compost. This process employs far more people than one person looking at the computer screen controlling an incinerator. Burning straw for energy would cause unemployment in rural areas where it is already a big problem and destroy different forms of traditional life, both business, sport and leisure. It would be a very bad policy. Here in the countryside there is no such thing as "agricultural waste". That is a concept for townees. Here it is all valuable resources.
Please bear this in mind and publish it further. Med venlig hilsen, Peter Demetriadi
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EEA Sep 02, 2013 02:25 PM
Dear Peter, many thanks for your comment on this complex issue - we truly appreciate it. The rationality of this report foresees that part of the straw resource is always left in the normal agricultural use to maintain soil fertility – the level depends on soil conditions in different parts of Europe. In addition, most of the energy production technologies we propose leave organic material at the end which again would be returned to the fields. Nevertheless, your comment shows well the many different functions that local level use of biomass has in the rural economy. Best regards, EEA