Seeking information regarding noise pollution and waste management. The respected companies have won EU projects regarding dangerous waste disposal with significant financial help from the EU. The amount was nearly two million Euros. The agreement was to create safe and environmental compliance area considering residential health and safety. There are constant work within the residential area, where damages occur to human health and their houses. There are also two schools nearby to consider. We have contacted the local environmental agency who has done the noise searches for us however by the local PM influence they are delaying the written confirmation of the damaging numbers and wont issue the official documents. Their advise was to take the companies to court. However due to the local agreement between the companies and the town officials we have very little chance to address any rights we may have. We as well as the neighbourhood is collecting photographic and video evidence on all the hazardous materials they handle as well as the noise level their create. We would like to write an official complaints to EU environmental agency who can take appropriate action on the matter as regretfully this little hungarian town officials are too corrupt and their business model has been built on the EU finance project for their personal benefit rather than public interest.<br />your guidance on the matter is appreciated and i looking forward to address all the photos and videos accordingly.
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