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hajo Jun 14, 2011 07:02 PM
Why do we in Europe still use tax payers money for supporting energy production out of primary bio-sources? I think this is completely wrong out of two reasons and should be completely substituted by energy production out of secondary sources only:
1) In this way (as supported by the EU and Germany) we introduce an evil competition for land between food and energy production
2) It doesn't even make sense from a pure ecological perspective
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Owain Jun 29, 2011 08:57 AM
The European Environment Agency has published several documents on the subject, including; "How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment" (, and "Maximising the environmental benefits of Europe's bioenergy potential" ( We continue to monitor the issue.

The European Union supports research and development into many different types of energy source, with a view to European markets providing reliable and competitive energy in a sustainable manner (Energy 2020 Communication Bioenergy is just one of a number of different approaches which is being supported in the move towards a more sustainable energy system.