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rozbrna Mar 01, 2016 12:06 PM
Dear colleagues, The European Union Open Data Portal https://open-data.europa.eu/ received a request from the user's community to publish open data on the amount of wind and sunshine (and at what strength) in a particular area.

Our users would like to re-use this data in the context of upcoming affordable renewable energy solutions for private persons. Apparently the data is nationally available, but some governments, f.e Belgian, would charge them the fees for making the data available, while it should be publicly accessible.

Thank you for letting us know if you could help us to fulfill the request.
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EEA Mar 02, 2016 05:28 PM
Dear rozbrna,

Unfortunately, the EEA does not have data on wind flows and solar irradiance to determine wind power and solar energy potentials.
Nevertheless, data on these topics is being currently provided – free of charge – by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and some other institutes as part of the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy.

Information about solar irradiance is/will be provided also under the Copernicus ‘Europe’s eyes on Earth’ programme: https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/services/solar-radiation.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Kind regards,
rozbrna Mar 03, 2016 12:39 PM
Thank you for your prompt reply. It is indeed very helpful.