Hello, <br /><br />I need to find the equations for the CO2 emissions in the tier2 method for the aviation. <br /><br />According to the annex 5 LTO emissions calculator, from the report 1.3.a Aviation, belonging to the EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook 2016, the CO2 emissions are calculated with the CO emissions and the &quot;CO2 per fuel&quot;. You have available that information (CO2 per fuel) for the general public? <br />I need that database for my degree work as engineer. <br />The report 1.3.a Aviation delivery a generic equation for the tier2 method, and i need only for the CO2. <br /><br />Thank you, i'm watting for a soon answer<br />best regards. <br /><br />Constanza.<br />
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