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CV of Fabrizio Cattani

Hi, My name is Fabrizio Cattani and I'm at the second and last year of the master degree in Management at the University of Trento, Italy. I write on this forum in order to ask if someone is interested in a traineeship in Iceland or in another EU country of three or four months or if someone knows some firms that could be interested.
My master degree is specialized in tourism and environment: in particular I study management and economic evaluation of natural resources and environmental economics. Moreover I am also interested in renewable resources, in fact I graduated in 2013 with a graduate work in which I analysed the italian regulations regarding subsidies for renewable energy.
It's for these reasons I think that in Iceland I could gain very useful capabilities in the sector of renewable energy, which has already developed thanks to hydroelectric and geothermal power.
You will find enclosed my CV.
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