Anyone else appalled by the amount of energy wasted by PCs not going into sleep/hibernate mode?<br /><br />Assuming an average of one PC per household and one in five doesn't go into standby, that's about 15 power stations in Europe dedicated to powering PCs that aren't used. 15 power stations burning fossil fuel and heating the environment for no useful reason whatsoever :( 😠😠😠<br /><br />I wish the EEA could divert some money from brochures to develop a simple software utility to put PCs in hibernate after x minutes without activity. Yes, there are Windows settings to accomplish this but they have become so complicated that in practice they are too complex for the average users. <br /><br />Failing that, writing legislation to force Apple/Microsoft/Ubunto to deliver a simple OS setting to force hibernate after x minutes for home users where the complex capabilities needed by business network are not needed.<br /><br />Am I the only one furious about this wastage?<br />Alan<br />(3 pcs in household, Lenovo, Dell, Acer - none of which goes into hibernate/sleep properly, so I've resorted to an unsupported freeware AMP Winoff, which is better than Windows settings, but still too complex for most households)<br /><br /><br /><br />&nbsp;
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