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refretes Jul 16, 2019 09:06 PM
To Who It May Concern,
My name is Raul E. Fretes, Master's Student at ISCTE- ESPP University.

My area of study fall within technological innovation and climate change since the process of climate policymaking is a complex process that requires wide and prices amounts of information regarding the matter and time to design. However, the lack of precise data, the lack of time and the short amount of time we have to design, develop and implement climate policies

is something that we cannot afford is we are to fence off the effect of climate change.

This issues have inspired me to develop my thesis on the subject of 5th Generation Wireless Technology as a Potential Instrument for Data Gathering Technology for Climate Policymakers and Advocates,and it is within my research parameters to talk with individuals that work with policymakers and/or directly with climate policymakers in order to fully understand the problems that climate policymaking has.

I was hoping if a further detail discussion in the foreseeable future on the subject of Climate Change Policymaking is possible.

Any literature recommendations, case studies, project and/or example on the subject of climate policymaking to furthermore delve into the matter could be a great aid for me.

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