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agricultor This fossil fuel which we burn about of 100 years,it has accumulated in underground by absorption CO2 by plants from the atmosphere,over many millions of years.For me,it is very clear that we,humans,produce drastic changes on global climate.
At the current level with which we burn the fossil fuel,freeing up to atmosphere about 30 mlrd.t CO2/year,it is a great naivety to believe that Terra can be absorb.
In my opinion,as we developed almost all industry around of the fossil fuel,as we developed almost entire world economy basing on this type of fuel,I belive strongly that all people through massive intervention can solve this problem.
I belive that by developing a powerful industry,with global expansion,which produce huge installations for absorption CO2 from the atmosphere and introduce it underground,from where it was extracted,can be a viable solution.I saw some programs on Discovery Channel with such installations that works well.
I convinced that the necessary costs will be high,but will be absolutely necessary.To think that annually damages,due to climate change (storms,tornadoes,severe droughts,floods,etc.)cost us many billions.
We can thus maintain or even decrease level of CO2 in the atmosphere,we have such a break of about 20-30 years which,continuing with the use fossil fuel,to discover and develope new source of energy,clean,renewable,sustenable.
But for this,is necessary a concerned action of all governments and all people of conscience,since this is the future of humanity.

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