I am writting a study on environmental conservation for an academic work of the University. With the recent designation of the Biosphere Reserves of Spain by UNESCO (Alto Turia, La Siberia and Valle del Cabriel), I am developing the virtues that these spaces possess and need to maintain in order to obtain this type of distinctions or similar ones depending on the European Union, as the spaces of the Natura 2000 Network. I don't know if there is a specific catalog of habitats and species in detail for each geographic area. So far I have only found generic data and without specifically locating the location of the species (on websites such as http: //natura2000.eea.europa.), Which is true that provides information on the species and species habitats but it does so marking the entire area of ​​the ZEPA Puerto Pe&ntilde;a - Los golondrinos, without clearly locating where each species and habitat sits. <br /><br />However, I would like to identify in a very specific way the habitat and the species that occupy the banks of the Guadiana as it passes through the Puerto Pe&ntilde;a - Los Golondrinos area (SiteCode: ES4310009) so that I could clearly place it on the map where inhabit each species and what is the specific habitat. Could that be possible? <br /><br />Thanks in advance and best regards
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