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barbaravancauwelaert Jan 21, 2014 10:22 AM
How can it be that the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji (Japan) is still ongoing? About 23,000 dolphins are killed every year there. They take 4 days to first select the dolphins that jump high enough for fun parks and then slowly kill all the rest. Can't Europe get involved in this issue? It's a horrible practice, it's not part of their "culture" and it doesn't serve a purpose. The meat of dolphins is full of mercury which is a toxic substance. In some cases the levels of mercury are 1,600 times the allowed quantities in meat for human consumption. It can impair immune response and cause neurological damage leading to loss of coordination, vision, hearing and can produce mental retardation, especially in the young. Please let me know that Europe does something against to stop these revolting, senseless slaughters.
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EEA Jan 21, 2014 02:58 PM
Hi, Thanks for the posting. The EEA produces reports on the state and trends of the environment in Europe and the situation you refer to is beyond EEA's working remit. You may wish to direct your enquiry to European NGOs involved with environmental or animal protection.