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marcpeeters May 26, 2015 01:32 PM
Hi, I'm looking for the new (very recently published) publications on the State of Nature in Europe (on to ask for paper copies but I'm not finding any... Can you point me to the right page on that website or are the publications not yet online?
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EEA May 27, 2015 08:54 AM
Dear marcpeeters,
The state of nature in Europe report is a so called "technical report" and EEA does not provide printed copies of technical reports. You can download the report in a pdf format at:[…]/state-of-nature-in-the-eu

Best regards.
marcpeeters May 27, 2015 11:39 AM
Dear EEA, thank you for your comment! I thought that next to the technical report there were also other publications (summary and alike) linked to the "state of nature" and that some of those would be available through ?
EEA May 27, 2015 03:47 PM
Dear marcpeeters,
Only the report and a related news item were published. EEA does currently not plan to publish any additional material.
But maybe you refer to some material that the European Commission has launched. Links to this material can be found on our webpage at:

Best regards.
marcpeeters May 28, 2015 08:41 AM
And are none of these publications available in printed copies? It is even mentioned in the brochure (printed on recycled paper that has been awarded the EU eco-label for graphic paper (
EEA Jun 01, 2015 01:57 PM
As it is a publication of the European Commission you have to address that question to DG Environment. Information about publications and information on how to order them can be found at:

The contact form you will find at: