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RUhl Sep 17, 2017 04:46 PM
Hello, it's nice to be able to download Natura 2000 shape files + databases, but PLEASE consider short descriptions of attribute field headers and values as an obligatory part of your databases. E.g. Designationstatus.csv: What exactly is meant by SITECODE,"DESIGNATIONCODE","DESIGNATEDSITENAME","OVERLAPCODE","OVERLAPPERC"?
Particularly the last two columns are not self-explaining.
The same holds true for SITETYPE A, B or C in your Natura 2000 shapefile attributes (I figured it out: 'A' means SPA, 'B' means SCI, 'C' means both at the same time).
It's also not obvious that columns "N2K" refer to Natura 2000 data with overlaps of SPA and SCI excluded, so it would be nice to give a hint within the excel file (Natura 2000 barometer.xlsx).
Please hold in mind that the efforts you spare have to be put in by every single user afterwards. Even if there'd be an explanation on another tab of the page containing the download link (I didn't find it) it would be time-consuming to collect it, and there's always a chance of misunderstandings. Thank you for your understanding.