Hello, <br />I have been researching Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas in Ireland under the Natura 2000 guidelines, namely the Maumturk Mountains SAC, Lough Corrib SAC, Lough Corrib SPA, Lough Mask SPA and Lough Carra/Mask Complex SAC.<br />I have been reading through the Natura 2000 Standard Data Forms for each area, that are available to the public through our National Parks and Wildlife Service. <br />In these forms I have noticed that under the section titled &quot;Threats, Pressures and activities with impacts on the site&quot; there are a number of activities listed by their code , their respective rank of threat (L/M/H) and where that activity takes place in relation to the areas (inside/out/both).<br />I have noticed that in each of these SACs/SPAs there is no noting for the threat posed by Ref: C- Mining, extraction of materials and energy production.<br />There is no listing of any threat posed by the following subsections of this specific section:<br />C01.04.01 Open cast mining<br />C01.04.02 Underground mining<br />C01.06 Geotechnical Survey<br />C01.07 Mining and Extraction activities not referred to above.<br /><br />My questions would be whether the European Environment Agency or the Irish government create these lists of threats to the sites? and if the European Environmental Agency would class exploration works involved with mining (prospecting, geochemical surveys, drilling and trenching) to be of a threat to these SACs/SPAs. And if they might be omitted from the Threats, Pressures and activities section of the Natura 2000 Standard Data Forms because exploration works would not have been considered viable in such areas?
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