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      URGENT(Because it concern the International Nuclear Energy Safety & Security) [Pages : 4 ]

To: United Nations(General Assembly,Security Council),I.C.C.,Criminal Prosecutions[Supreme Court of Greece,Second instance Criminal Court in Athens,First instance Criminal Court in Athens], INTERPOL,EUROPOL,EUROJUST,Embassies of Nations,International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR!!) Energy Agency,EURATOM,Others...

From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied + Theoretically),Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki,Greece,
tel+fax: +30-2291055275 , Saturday-12-January-2019

        Your relevant references are the following(and this document is relevant to the following:):
[1] The Very-Urgent Law Action of Mr. Joseph-Christos Kondylakis of Tuesday-11-December-2018 AND Friday-14-December-2018 to the Prosecutions of [Supreme Criminal Court of Greece,Second instance Criminal Court in Athens,First Criminal Court in Athens] and International Criminal Court which concern BARRIERS in his communications (from tel+fax:+30-2291055275) to main (tel +43-1-2600-0 & fax +43-1-2600-7) of International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR!!) Energy Agency [I.A.E.A.],E.T.C.
[2] The book “WAR FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF INTELLIGENCE” by Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,2019 (to be published in about 3 months from my publisher : ,and then to be available in international & national Internet bookstores & bookstores)
[3] I am the first internationally that published its first Quantitative! scientific research entitled “Theoretically and under very special applied conditions a Nuclear fission reactor may explode as Nuclear Bomb”,published in the proceedings of 19th scientific symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society,held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece on May 2010,also exist in Internet site:
[4] The book “Handbook on Nuclear Law” by International “Atomic” Energy Agency , 2003
[5] My relevant communications with the Criminal ProsecutionS in Athens,Greece, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Greece, Canadian Embassy in Greece,International Criminal Court & Elsewhere...


   Considering the relevant definitions,Responsibilities and Critical information from the “Handbook of Nuclear Law” published by the International “Atomic” Energy Agency [4] we relevantly mention :

[4],p.4, Definition of Nuclear Law:
The body of special legal norms created to regulate the conduct of legal
or natural persons engaged in activities related to fissionable materials,
ionizing radiation and exposure to natural sources of radiation.

[4],p. 5, Simply stated, the primary objective of nuclear law is:
To provide a legal framework for conducting activities related to nuclear
energy and ionizing radiation in a manner which ADEQUATELY protects
individuals, property and the environment

[4], p.5. 1.4.1. Safety Principle : which include the VITAL “PREVENTION PRINCIPLE” and the “PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE”, BOTH of which are Very Relevant to our THEME(S) and reference [3]+[1]+[2]+[5]...

[4],p.6, 1.4.2. Security Principle : Very Relevant to our THEME(S) & ref. [3]+[5]+[1].

[4],p. 7, 1.4.3. Responsibility Principle : “Who is primarily responsible for ensuring safety?” In a sense, of course, ALL entities having some control over a nuclear related activity bear at least part of the responsibility for safety. It is obviously understood that the International “Atomic” Energy Agency has the Primary International Responsibility and so Relevant are ref. [1]+[2]+[3]+[4]+[5].

[4],p. 8, 1.4.7. Sustainable Development Principle : A number of instruments in the field of environmental law have identified a duty for each generation not to impose undue burdens on future applying the sustainable
development principle in the nuclear field has been to urge that the current
generation does whatever is possible for long term safety...and here relevant ref. [3]+[1]+[2]+[4]+[5].

[4], p. 9, 1.4.8. Compliance Principle : a principle of customary international law has emerged to the effect that the territory of a State must not be used in such a way as to cause damage in another State and that, consequently, control measures are necessary...and here relevant are ref. [3]+[1]+[2]+[4]+[5].

[4],p. 10, 1.4.10. Transparency Principle : the transparency principle requires that bodies involved in the development, use and regulation of nuclear energy make available all relevant information concerning how nuclear energy is being used, particularly concerning incidents and abnormal occurrences that could have an impact on public health, safety and the relevant are the Vital violation of Blocking/Stopping the TWO ways communications of a Very Critical Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied+ Theoretically) with the International “Atomic” Energy Agency, our references [1]+[3]+[2]+[4]+[5].

[4], p. 10, 1.4.11. International Cooperation Principle : It is VITAL to achieving improvements in the safety of nuclear activities and facilities worldwide that such lessons be promptly and WIDELY SHARED!!. Second, the use of nuclear material involves security risks that do not respect national borders... Here relevant are ref. [3]+[2]+[1]+[4]+[5].

        Also relevant to our references [1]+[3]+[2]+[4+[5]] are the following parts from [4]:

[4],p.15, 1.5.3. Input!! from STAKEHOLDERS... : I am a Stakeholder! , because stakeholders have typically included the following: the regulated industry or
PROFESSIONALS ; SCIENTIFIC bodies; governmental agencies (local, regional and national) whose responsibilities arguably cover nuclear energy; the media; the public (individuals, community groups and interest groups); and other States
(especially neighbouring States that have entered into agreements providing
for an exchange of information concerning possible transboundary impacts, or
States involved in the export or import of certain technologies or material)...
and ref [3]+[1]+[2]+[4]+[5].

[4],p.19, 1.5.7. Legislative Oversight : TOO OFTEN, after a difficult and contentious effort to enact nuclear legislation has been concluded, the legislative body moves on to other matters and fails to monitor the practical impact of its lawmaking...Here the creator of this “Handbook of Nuclear Law” the International “Atomic” Energy Agency Vitally Fail to enforce its own Nuclear Law by its own personnel ,due f.e. to ref. [1]+[3]+[2]+[4+[5]] which clearly indicate Very Serious Failure! In its capabilities(Scientific & Legal)...

[4],p. 19 , 1.5.8. Relations to non-nuclear laws : When nuclear legislation is being drafted, legislators must consider the impact that national legal requirements in non-nuclear fields may have on achieving the objectives of the legislation...Here is VITAL!! to consider the “WAR FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF INTELLIGENCE” as in our references [2]+[5]+[3]+[4]+[1].

[4],p. 20, 1.5.9. Reflecting international conventions or treaties in national legislation : As a matter of international law, States that take the necessary steps
under their national laws to approve (or ratify) such an instrument are then
bound by the obligations arising out of that instrument in their relations with
other States Parties (assuming that the instrument has entered into force)... and here are relevant our ref. [4]+[3]+[1]+[2]+[5].

Here are relevant our ref. [3]+[2]+[1]+[5]+[4].

[4],p.30, 2.3.6. Public Information : most regulatory bodies have programmes for the provision
of information to other stakeholders (the public, the media, the legislature,
local government and industry) about issues and activities relevant to nuclear
and radiation safety. Indeed, public confidence that nuclear material and
techniques are being used safely is closely linked to the regulatory body’s track
record of providing PROMPT, accurate and complete information on such issues and activities....relevant are our ref. [1]+[3]+[2]+[5]+[4].

[4]. p. 31, 2.3.7. Co-ordination with other bodies : The use of nuclear energy has become a truly GLOBAL!! activity... relevant are our ref. [3]+[1]+[2]+[5]+[4].

[4], p. 31, 2.4. ADVISORY BODIES AND EXTERNAL SUPPORT...VERY SERIOUS CRIMINAL VIOLATION due to our ref. [1]+[3]+[2]+[5]+[4].

[4], from p. 63 , Chapter 6 SAFETY OF NUCLEAR FACILITIES...VITAL relevant is our ref. [3]+[2]+[1]+[5]+4].

[4], from p. 75 , Chapter 7 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE...VITAL relevant is our ref. [3]+[2]+[1]+[5]+4].
...VITAL relevant is our ref. [2]+[3]+[5}+[1]+[4].

In general in ALL text of the reference [4] are relevant our ref. [1]+[3]+[2]+[5].

Because of the above mentioned and because the Human factor (directly or/and indirectly) is the First!! cause in Nuclear Accidents and Nuclear Catastrophes and because of Very Serious ILL-Functions of International “Atomic” (NUCLEAR!!!) Energy Agency and Others Nuclear Safety & Security Organizations , we ask Urgently FULL investigations of our THEME(S) and ,as a clear indicative case,to Fully Investigate the life of this author in Greece,Canada & Europe, considering also ref. [5] ,and then the Fastest possible correct the malfunctions in Nuclear Safety & Security in national & international considerations and its extensions to consideration of crimes as such as referred in [2]+[5] (and very carefully studying also their references and the references of references and so on) and offering Justice(considering a possible continuous! Crime) by punishing the responsible Criminals and offering restoration to the national and international victims,and also by taking extremely good care in PREVENTION so Not to occur similar cases in the future as these described in [1]+[2]+[5] (and their references and references of references and so on) , because with the existing Science(s) & Technology(ies) and the Evil minds that are in the Top governance of planet Earth[5], the ultimate Destruction of Humanity & planet Earth is Possible! in future..., E.T.C....


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Nov 08, 2020 10:35 AM



          Από τον Ιωσήφ-Χρήστον Κ. Κονδυλάκη/Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,
    Πυρηνικός Φυσικός,κ.τ.λ.,Μικράς Ασίας 13,Αγιος Νικόλαος,Αναβύσσου,
19013 Αττική,Ελλάς,τηλ+φαξ +30-2291055275 , Δευτέρα-14-Σεπτεμβρίου-2020

Επειδή η Αναφορά μου 0725/2020 είναι Εξαιρετικά Ζωτικοτάτης!! σημασίας δια το Δημόσιον Συμφέρον και το Μέλλον της Ευρώπης,Ανθρωπότητος και του πλανήτη Γη , δια ταύτα δημοσιεύουμε σύντομη περίληψη της και ζηταμε την υψηλη ευαισθητοποίηση και ενεργοποίηση των πολιτών της Ευρώπης και της Ανθρωπότητος δια την λίαν ισχυρά υποστήριξη της με όλες τις κατάλληλες ενέργειες,κ.τ.λ.,...

          Το αρχικό αίτημα μου είναι να θεωρηθή ΥΨΙΣΤΗΣ πρωτεραιότητος η Αναφορά(Petition) μου με αρ. πρωτ. 0725/2020 , υπό την έννοια να γίνει παραδεκτή δια εξέταση της από τους Ευρωβουλευτές εις την επόμενη συνάντηση της Επιτροπής Αναφορών του Ευρωπα’ι’κού Κοινοβουλιού ΚΑΙ να χαρακτηριστή ως ΚΟΡΥΦΑΙΑΣ πρωτεραιότητος δια να συζητηθή στο Ευρωκοινοβούλιο εντός
του έτους 2020.

Τούτο δικαιολογήται λόγω των ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΑ ΖΩΤΙΚΩΝ προβλημάτων της Ευρωπα’ι’κής & Παγκοσμίου ΠΥΡΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ, (ενδεικτικά η International “Atomic”(NUCLEAR!!) Energy Agency κατάφορα παραβιάζοντας τις Διεθνείς συνθήκες που την υποχρεώνουν!! να παίρνει “μέτρα” κατά των χειροτέρων!! δυνατών περιπτώσεων Πυρηνικής Καταστροφής ,από όσο γνωρίζω, πλήρως αγνοεί και δεν εξετάζει τις περιπτώσεις Εξαιρετικά Σοβαρών Πυρηνικών Ατυχημάτων όπου ενας πυρηνικός αντιδραστήρας ισχύος μπορεί να ανατιναχθεί ως Πυρηνική Βόμβα!! ,παρόλο που η λίαν πρωτοποριακή ερευνητική επιστημονική δημοσιευμένη (Proceeding of 19th Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society Symposium 2010 at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece) έργασία μου με τίτλο “Theoretically and under very special contitions a nuclear fission reactor may explode as nuclear bomb” τους την κοινοποίησα και έγινε παγκοσμίως γνωστή το έτος 2010 και διότι εάν ανατιναχθεί ένα εργοστάσιο πυρηνικών αντιδραστήρων ισχύος ως πυρηνική βόμβα!! τότε υπολογίζεται πιθανώς να προκύψουν εκατοντάδες εκατομύρια νεκροί ,μακροπρόθεσμα... Επίσης το European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group εις τα Πυρηνικά “στρές” τεστ που κάνει ΔΕΝ μελετάει τον Ανθρωπινο παράγοντα που είναι η Πρωταρχική!! αιτία των Πυρηνικών Ατυχημάτων και Αλλα,Κ.Τ.Λ.)...

Επίσης η Αναφορά μου 0725/2020 αναφέρεται εις τα ΛΙΑΝ ΖΩΤΙΚΑ προβλήματα που προκαλεί το Σύστημα των ΔΙΕΘΝΩΝ ΙΔΙΩΤΩΝ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΙΤΩΝ(οι μεγαλήτεροι διεθνείς Τραπεζίτες γράφεται/λέγεται ότι είναι όλοι Εβραίοι) & ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΩΝ τους(η λεγόμενη cabal/kabbalah τους),Κ.Τ.Λ. (ενδεικτικά προβλήματα που δημιουργούν είναι πιθανότατα Παγκόσμιους Πολέμους, Οικονομικές Κρίσεις,Διαλύσεις Οικογενειών & Διαπροσωπικών σχέσεων,Χάσιμο σπιτιών & εργασιών, ψυχολογικές/ ψυχιατρικές ασθένειες,ηλιθιοποίηση[Πόλεμος Καταστροφής της Νοημοσύνης] και υποβιβασμός εξαθλοίωση των Ανθρώπων σε επίπεδο κατώτερο των ζώων,κ.α.,κ.τ.λ). Επιπλέον εις την κατηγορία αυτή γίνεται ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΡΟΦΗ ΤΗΣ (Διανοητικής) ΝΟΗΜΟΣΥΝΗΣ, βάζουν τεράστιους φραγμούς εις την Θεμελειώδη Θεωρητική επιστημονική έρευνα της Ογκολογίας,προωθούν την “Νεα Τάξη Πραγμάτων” και υπαρχουν ισχυρές ενδείξεις και υποψίες για Very Important Persons(VIPs) και Διεθνείς Τραπεζίτες να εμπλέκονται πιθανώς με τον Σατανισμό ,παιδεραστία και Ανθρωποθυσίες στον Σατανά χρησιμοποιόντας τελετουργίες της Εβρα’ι’κής θρησκείας καμπαλά,Κ.Τ.Λ.

Επιπροσθέτως , θεωρώ ΑΠΟΛΥΤΩΣ ΑΠΑΡΑΙΤΗΤΟ!!! δια την καλή κατανόηση της Αναφοράς μου ,να παρακολουθήσετε ΟΛΑ τα σχετικά βίντεο σε : DVDs,Internet sites που γράφω μέσα στην Αναφορά μου και στα ηλεκτρονικά ταχυδρομεία που έστειλα μετά την ταχυδρομική υποβολή της Αναφοράς μου 0725/2020 ,Κ.Α.,Κ.Τ.Λ.

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Oct 31, 2020 01:20 PM

RenatoRodrigues Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to request for the below data as I couldn't find it in the EEA database.

- Member States' greenhouse gas (GHG) emission projections, split by sector and split by Effort Sharing Decision and ETS, from 2005 onward.

This data is partially available in the files available in the below link (for years from 2010-2012 onward depending of the Member State).[…]/greenhouse-gas-emission-projections-for-6

However, I would like to request also if possible to access the data for previous years (most specially 2005), as it is available in this EEA publication, under Table A1.1[…]/emissions-trading-viewer-1

I am grateful for any help you can offer,
Thank you
Dr. Renato Rodrigues

Research Domain III - Sustainable Solutions
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Potsdam, Germany

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Sep 23, 2020 09:46 AM

TheSaviorMessiah Global Warming, Planet Temperature Rising Is Like Road Traffic Congestion


That is the most simplify, easiest example & comparison with global warming or temperature rising of planet Earth.

What you are seeing on the media about Global Warming, Climate Change is not the full picture of what happening on Earth, but just a tiny one.

What happen when traffic congestion happen on the street?

More car, motorbike. And the total temperature on the street at that time is always higher than the temperature when is not have the congestion. Why? Because the total fuel using when the congestion is higher, simple as that.

In order for you to fully understand the big problem why global warming is happening, then you just need to study the subject road traffic congestion and use your brain to link to the environment problem.

The road traffic congestion happen because of 2 reasons:

– One is because of too much vehicles like car, motorbikes, etc.

– Two is because the road to small, to little space for the vehicles running.

That is the main problems, but you can say car could run too small, or the road is bad but in the end what you should care the most is above two reasons.

When you link to global warming subject, it pretty much the same:

– The first is relate to CO2 subject, but not because of too much CO2 like the media are talking but the reverse, too little CO2.

– The second reason I will keep at secret, you must find out by yourself. I am not allowed to tell it for free here. You if you have will you will easily finding out.

The media are talking bullshit just too get attention or for whatever reason only they known.

If too much CO2 is the problem, then why after the volcano Tambora eruption in 1815 the temperature was decrease significant, remember there was a lot of CO2 and stronger than CO2 chemical came out after that.

There is no doubt that temperature raising will lead to ice melting, thus sea level rising.

But not only that, it is also trigger many volcano eruption soon for they like nuclear plant.

You can do your own research about what happened about Tambora volcano eruption, then mutiply 10 times bigger, then you will you have the answer. But that just the estimate, you cannot know what is real unless you face that in real life.

I do not want to scare anybody, but the Bible revelation already predicted at least 1/3 of humans will die once that event happen.

But that just the Bible predicted, the final outcome could be worse or better than that is depend on humanity.

As a completed qualified gamer of this Earth game, I can say it is easy to reserve it but the time is limited. If the Bible said the event would come at around 03/03/2021, then humanity must act before that at least 1 year, which is must before 03/03/2020. Otherwise, there is no more chance.

Here is no act in wrong direction like what happening, but must the right direction with nature & universe language.

I am happy to show you the way, show you the right direction, but I am not allowed to give it for free. What I was asking is just little worthless cryptocurrency backed by air, not gold crystal, not control over people of any nation or whatever other object.

Many masters, gurus who have lived over 200 years old on this planet even compare this to a prison planet. But "no pain no gain", but too much pain could lead to the end.

But what is the perfect enough fire?

I am the one who have the perfect answer for that.

You must open your eyes, do not become the antichrist who are refusing to verify to talk to admit their mistake and change to the right direction. At the end of the day, there are only 2 results: Go With God or Vanished For Go Against God. There is no any other result than that.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname

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Sep 15, 2020 08:30 AM
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Sep 03, 2020 02:06 PM

anicol Topic : Does the plastic pollution of the seas come from the rivers ?
Is the Mediterraean sea polluted ? (see ). According to my readings, this pollution comes from the rivers and it seems logic to look for the sources of such a pollution and for the solutions. In Netherland, an ecological organization has built a barge to collect plastic in a rivers.
 What about collecting wastes from a barge in the rivers (at the least in their estuary) before being in the seas or the oceans ? (is it possible ? for the most polluted rivers ?)
I can imagine that the European Countries are not the only ones to be responsible of the pollution of the mediterranean sea...

Last discussed by liza788
Aug 30, 2020 07:28 PM

Drohh Hello
my name is Tomas

I study mechanical engineering and I am very interested in ecology.  For that i have a question I would like to ask you. 

On website of EEA[…]by-transport-6#tab-chart_3, there is a chart of final energy consumption by traffic mode. I am interested, what does that mean for road trasport. Is it only energy that is directly transformed to kinetic energy of road vehicles or is lost energy, such as through friction and thermal ineffeciency of heat engine etc. included in said value?

If this is not question for you,perhaps you could point me to the right person. I am considering this topic for my bachelor thesis, so this would greatly help me.

Thank you for your time 



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Aug 26, 2020 03:59 PM

sosorior I think there is something wrong with the data regarding free- allocation in the ETS Data Viewer[…]/emissions-trading-viewer-1 . The volume of 1.1 Freely allocated allowances is just so high. It cannot be that free allocation alone is higher than verified emissions. It does not make sense. Furthermore, this number does not match the sum of 1.1.3 Free allocation for modernisation of electricity generation (Art. 10c), 1.1.2 Free allocation from the new entrants reserve (Art. 10a(7)), 1.1.1 Free allocation to existing entities (Art. 10a(1)). The number reported as the aggregate is indeed twice the sum of its components. I could not find any other place to report this inconsistency.

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Aug 26, 2020 03:39 PM

MerleGering Where is the correct location to measure NO2 to determine whether or not the EU NO2 annual mean limit is being met?

I wish to understand the correct location, for monitoring NO2. Tech Report 11 suggests that kerbside is an appropriate location. In the UK, The Department for Environment (DEFRA), has moved the correct location further away from the road, to the building facade, (see box 1.1 of their LAQM Technical Guidance16 'TG16') - which will of course record much lower readings. Is this the right place to be monitoring, for correct implementation of the Air Quality Monitoring Directive and for assessing whether or not the annual mean NO2 limit is being breached?

the Directive , in Annex VI, instructs national authorities to monitor at points "where highest concentration occur" to which "the population is likely to be directly or indirectly exposed".
In my view, that means you should locate monitors (in this case diffusion tubes) at kerbside (since the directive explicitly excludes measurement in the road. that's where the highest concentrations will occur, and large numbers of people will be exposed at those levels (for example in the UK, there are 1.2 million professional drivers, who will at least get this exposure 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; then there are postmen, street cleaners, builders & engineers working in the roads works, waiters serving in streetside cafes, trash collectors, etc)

 I am a citizen scientist and campaigner in the UK. I am concerned that the true extent of the problem is being concealed by measuring NO2 in locations which artificially reduce the reported levels.

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Aug 26, 2020 03:13 PM