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Last discussed by sendex
Jul 08, 2020 12:22 AM

vquinio Hi,
I'm really interested in the EEA up-to-date air quality data

Is it possible to download the data, as an Excel file for instance? And also, would it be possible to have historic data (for now, we can only go back to mid-June 2020). Many thanks!

Last discussed by EEA
Jun 29, 2020 11:03 AM

Gavin Sonic noise pollution..
These sonic devices
have created tinnitus and dizziness, leading to loss of balance causing injury to several people.
I want these products off the market before fatalities occur.
Any advice on how to proceed is much appreciated

Last discussed by Gavin
Jun 23, 2020 02:54 PM

Ieva Hi! I live in a town, in a EU member state.

I strongly feel that the decisions made by our local government are swiftly destroying the abundant nature that used to surround us before the town started expanding. Also, I see that they are disregarding the needs of our citizens, concerning the green and quiet areas that are necessary for our health and ability to jog, hike and walk our pets.

Instead, they are focused on making money off the lands, overly exploiting the natural habitats and selling the existing green territories to private owners who then cut the trees down and make their lawns.

Previously, the wildlife in our town was thriving because the nature areas were largely neglected and there are several wildlife sanctuaries in the neighboring regions from where the species migrated here. I do not believe that anyone has ever bothered to even survey the species and determine their status of conservation and their needs for habitat, accordingly.

The increased human activity has also contributed to an UNBELIEVABLE increase in air pollution. It sometimes hurts to breathe and I often suffer from headaches and stomach-aches due to the quality of air, but the town officials clear out the trees and shrubbery en masse and allow to do so to any other larger property owners.

This is not a wealthy town and most people here work in the factories and supermarkets, or the large schools and hospitals. They are not the people to know their rights or to complain about the lack of nurture because they are used to physically demanding conditions and they know better than to antagonize their 'superiors'. You don't demand something that you have no experience of.

Our state government authorities show extreme unwillingness to consider my observations and arguments and I even have to fight to stop people from burning trash in their private households which is a clear violation of law.

Last fall, two policemen were sent to my home to 'speak to my father' (I am 32 years old, female) and to demand of me to stop bothering the town officials with 'my many personal problems' (I was sending them e-mails, indicating environmental and animal rights issues, and social issues in our town that they keep ignoring or participate in carrying out).

I want to know how to get heard and how to protect myself. Are there any EU level organizations where I could seek support? Thank you kindly, Ieva

Last discussed by shaneolse33
Jun 19, 2020 07:59 PM