There's a construction site next my place of residence that potentially violates the 2008/50/EC, 1999/30/EC, 80/799/EEC directives(I have to wash my car weekly and wipe the dust in my place once at a few days; once my car's water sprinklers got clogged with dust). I contacted the national enforcement agency, which differed me to the municipal agency. The latter said that they lack the necessary equipment to assess potential infringements and that other agencies have the required equipment, but they didn't name said agencies nor did they contact them for further investigation. A NGO measured the sound pollution emitted by the construction site and found it in violation of the law, but the local agencies refuse to enforce neither local law nor EU directives. <br /><br />I would like to know what actions can I take in this case. If relevant I'm from Bucharest, Romania.
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