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Antonio_Mayo_Martinez Feb 27, 2020 02:24 PM
Is it available to access the data containing information of companies/plants/organizations in regards of specific air pollution concentration and if those emissions are above or below the emission limits?
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EEA Feb 28, 2020 10:17 AM
Dear M. Antonio Mayo Martinez,

Thank you for contacting the European Environment Agency (EEA).

We would suggest that you consult the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry (E-PRTR) that contains data reported annually by more than 30,000 industrial facilities covering 65 economic activities across Europe. For each facility, information is provided concerning the amounts of pollutant releases to air, water and land as well as off-site transfers of waste and of pollutants in waste water from a list of 91 key pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, greenhouse gases and dioxins for years 2007 onwards. The E-PRTR is available at .

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EEA Enquiry Service
fafeavasg Jun 03, 2020 07:45 PM
I'm also looking for the same information. I have read some resources, you should also check this
Antonio_Mayo_Martinez Jun 11, 2020 09:47 AM
Hi EEA, thank you for the reply. The information contained in the database is somehow useful. Is there any possibility to have an overview of those facilities related to concenatration an not only total emissions. Also, is there any possibility to relate to the regulations and whether or not are in compliance?

I look forward very much for your reply.
EEA Jun 15, 2020 10:26 AM
Dear M. Antonio Mayo Martinez,

The information you are looking for is unfortunately not easy to retrieve. The E-PRTR only contains annual totals of the releases, whilst emission limits in the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and associated emission limits in the BAT conclusions published in accordance with the IED are formulated in concentrations. There is in addition no presentation of activity data (like fuel input, production volume or similar) in the E-PRTR so the calculation of approximate average concentrations from the reported annual emissions is difficult. Some larger operators have public real time emission monitoring that could be used but we are sorry to say that there is no EU wide solution to this problem at the moment and we are not able to support you on this.

Compliance is under Member States’ responsibility.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service