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Adrien May 11, 2015 10:57 AM
I work for a french air quality network and I noticed that websites were broadcasting our measurements. How these websites gets this data?
How have access to this data in near real time?
I assume that French data are sent to the EEA by Ineris. Metadata seems inaccurate (approximative positions or closed stations).

Best regards

Adrien Royer
ORAMIP - Midi-Pyrénées Air quality Network
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EEA May 12, 2015 10:17 AM
Dear Adrien,
Thank you for contacting EEA regarding the display of air quality data from France.

You refer in your enquiry to what it looks like several websites which makes it a bit difficult to give you a precise answer. We can only inform you on the EEA website. The data we get are officially provided by the Member States. In the case of France the data provider is the “Laboratoire Central de Surveillance de la Qualité de l’Air”, LCSQA (http://www.lcsqa.org/).

Under the current “Up-to-date Air Quality Data Viewer” (http://maps.eea.europa.eu/Hub/AirQuality/) the French data are not displayed, since the French authorities are not yet ready to submit data according to the new up to date format agreed in line with the Commission Decision 2011/850/EU.

Best regards.