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arusu Jan 30, 2018 03:27 PM
Hi! I was looking for air quality data for my hometown Ploiesti, Romania and I see no data is available? Why? We do have a national website for air quality: so data is collected and displayed, why is it not visible on your website? Thank you!
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EEA Jan 31, 2018 01:41 PM

It would be useful to know exactly where you looked for the data.

In any case, in the Air quality statistics viewer ([…]/air-quality-statistics) there is data from Ploiesti. If you go to the magnifier on the top left and write Ploiesti, the map will zoom into this location and will show at least two points for PM10 in 2015 and one for PM10 in 2016.

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arusu Feb 01, 2018 04:20 PM
Well, it's on your website:
I see no data for Romania, but as stated above, this data exists on a national server (real time data readings). Why is it not posted on EEA? Thank you!
arusu Feb 06, 2018 12:39 PM
Can it be because almost daily the air quality reported on this national website is medium or bad? And somebody doesn't want EEA to see all this data readings? Just wondering..
EEA Feb 07, 2018 02:29 PM

As it is explained in the Air Quality Index page, the index is calculated from ‘up-to-date’ air quality data officially reported every hour by the EEA’s member countries, and complemented – as necessary – by modelled air quality data. Therefore, the countries included in the index are those reporting ‘up-to-date’ air quality data and, so far, that is not the case of Romania.

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