Hi,<br />I am using EMEP emission database for my research and have some questions about the units for some substances.<br />For dioxins and furans (PCDD/F), the emission factors (EF) from the EMEP/EEA guidebook are mostly in g I-TEQ / output for all sectors (for example 1.A.1.a). But the EF is for example in g/Mg oil burned for the sector &quot;venting and flaring&quot; (1.B.2.c). When searching the official reports, all emissions appear to be in Gg. If I take the example of the sector 1A1a, are the emissions really reported in Gg (as in the database) or in Gg I-TEQ (as in the EF recommended by the guidebook)? How are reports aggregated at national level if the reports from the individual sectors are compiled in different units?<br />I have the same question for PCBs, where the EF is in ng WHO-TEG/GJ for the sector 1A1a but in ug/Mg metal for the production of iron and steel. Official reports still appear in Gg when downloading them from Webdab...<br /><br />Thank you for your help.
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