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ctisch Sep 23, 2013 11:09 AM
Hi all. I am using the interpolated 10x10km Airbase PM10 and ozone indicators and wondered how comparable they are over time (e.g. if I made a measure and wanted to compare 2006 values with 2010 values). Is it possible to find out if nations change the way they monitor the pollutants, any corrections/adjustments that take place etc? I couldn't find any specifics in the metadata file. Any help much appreciated, many thanks in advance.
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EEA Sep 25, 2013 12:59 PM
Dear ctisch,
The maps organised under:[…]/interpolated-air-quality-data-2 are the latest ones.
This dataset has been reorganised in order to improve data harmonization among years. The maps are derived primarily from Airbase background station monitoring data, few EMEP station monitoring data, supplemented with altitude, meterological ECMWF data and EMEP concentration modeling data. The methodology to calculate concentrations has been kept the same for all years in this data set.

However, the number and locations of sampling points which provide the observational data would have changed over the years. A consistent set of sampling points is not being used here. Details about the employed methodology can be found here:[…]/ETCACM_TP_2012_12_AQMaps2010.pdf

Hope that helps.