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fuzzy Dec 06, 2011 06:05 PM
Hello, i have a question about the AIRBASE database. What is the measurement_european_group_code? How can I combine measured values of a component with two different measurement_european_group_code?
Many thanks in advance for your help
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EEA Dec 08, 2011 03:50 PM
Dear fuzzy,
The “measurement_european_group_code” is a code that does not have any signification as such.
It’s a code assigned by our data providers (EEA member states) in order to identify under which conditions the measurement is recorded. It means that the same code can describe different measurement configurations for different data providers.

The condition under which the measurement is recorded is described within the table “AirBase_v5_measurement_configurations.csv”.

Last, in comparison with the field “measurement_european_code” (also found within the table “AirBase_v5_measurement_configurations.csv”), the "measurement_european_group_code" allows raw data and statistics to be seamless time series when identified measurement configuration attributes are not considered relevant enough to "break" the time series.

For detailed information please read the product description document (“airbase_v5_products.pdf”) where the relation between the statistics table and the measurement configuration table is described. You can find it at: